Hua-Jie Group’s Green Transformation Promotes the Completion of the ESG Sustainability Report

In response to Hua-Jie Group's green transformation and following the green wave, it works with the global manufacturing industry to promote net zero carbon emissions. Hua-Jie Group will establish an ESG promotion team in the second quarter of this year (2023). Hua-Jie Group entrusts Hua-Yu Enterprise Management ESG Consulting Team to jointly promote the greenhouse gas carbon inventory project. At the same time, it plans to complete the ESG sustainability report by the end of next year. Hua-Jie Group hopes that the company's colleagues can work together to promote the Group's future net zero carbon emission plan more smoothly.

At the kick-off meeting, Chairman Samuel said that "net zero emissions" does not mean no emissions, but trying to minimize man-made greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, through negative carbon technology, forest carbon sinks and other means of offsetting, to achieve net zero emissions. At present, more than 130 countries around the world have declared that they will achieve the goal of "net zero emissions" by 2050, and Taiwan is among them. Now, net zero carbon emission is not only an environmental issue, but also an issue of industrial competitiveness. Enterprise ESG performance is an important key indicator of competitiveness ranking, and both domestic and foreign enterprises are paying more and more attention to ESG practice.

In addition, in terms of customer needs, Hua-Jie's customers have also started to promote net-zero carbon emission operations one after another, so Hua-Jie must take immediate action. Therefore, launching the ISO14064-1 greenhouse gas carbon inventory project this year is to establish a good concept of carbon emissions for corporate employees and managers, so that the future development of Hua-Jie Group can better meet the purpose of sustainable management, and do its best to Hua-Jie Earth The duty of citizens is to do our best for the sustainability of the earth.

Article Citation: Hua-Yu News