Privacy Policy

Visits to HUA-JIE (Taiwan) Corporation

When visitors access any of the HUA-JIE (Taiwan) Corporation websites, the following information is received as well as stored by our web servers. We use this information to analyze how HUA-JIE (Taiwan) Corporation websites are used by our visitors and we will archive these data anonymously for historical records.

Personal Data

Visitors do not have to create an account or provide us with any personal data to access HUA-JIE (Taiwan) Corporation website. However, we may ask you for some personal information if you would like to receive some of our services, for instance:

  • To fill out sales inquiry form.
  • To receive more information on establishing business relationship.
  • To subscribe to e-mail marketing content such as latest online headlines and videos.

Some of the personal data we collect and process include:

  • Biographical information of your name.
  • Information of your contact details consisting of company name, phone number, and location of company.

We ensure that none of your personal data will be sold or transferred to any third party unless you consent to this or the law of the country permits this.