• Switch versions include momentary and altemate action as well as linear or tactile feel.
  • 4mm full travel.
  • Circuitry S.P.S.T-NO Connector pins constructed for machine soldering.
  • Switch can be snapped into a frame or mounted directly onto the printed circuit board.
  • Low contact resistance



Items AX01-B AX01-R AX01-T AX01-C
Working Temperature -10°C~+70°C -10°C~+70°C -10°C~+70°C -10°C~+70°C   
Storage Temperature -40°C~+70°C -40°C~+70°C  -40°C~+70°C  -40°C~+70°C   
Total Travel 4-0.4mm 4-0.4mm 4-0.4mm 4-0.5mm
Start Travel 2.0±0.6mm 2.0±0.6mm 2.0±0.6mm 2.2±0.6mm
Initial force 30g min 30g min 30g min 25g min
Tactile force 60±15g 45±15g 45±15g 50±15g
Pressure point force N/A N/A 55±15g 60±15g
Paragraph Travel N/A N/A 1.25 mm 1.75 mm
Insulation Resistance ≧100 MΩ ≧100 MΩ ≧100 MΩ ≧100 MΩ
Contact Resistance ≦200 mΩ ≦200 mΩ ≦200 mΩ ≦200 mΩ
Pressure AC 500V AC 500V AC 500V AC 500V
Soldera ability 260°C / 3~5s. 260°C / 3~5s. 260°C / 3~5s. 260°C / 3~5s.

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