• Minitype. Characteristics:small contact gap, quick action, high sensitivity and small operating travel.
  • Long life, high reliability.
  • Widely used in slot machine, computer keyboard and its peripheral equipment, apparatus and instrument ,electronic equopment etc.



Items Value
Maximum Rating 10mA 12VDC
Contact Resistance 1Ω Max. (Initial)
Type of Actuation Momentary
Contact Arrangement S.P.S.T
Operating Force See Ordering Guide.
Total OFF Range 1.5mm Min.
Total ON Range 1mm MIn.
Pre Travel (PT) 1.5±0.5mm
Total Travel (TT) 3.5±0.5mm
Operating Life 10,000,000 cycle
Insulation Resistance 50MΩ Min. (at DC 250V)
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage 100VAC (50 or 60Hz) /1 min.
Operating Temperature —25°C~+60°C
Ambient Humidity 80% RH Max.
Soldering Temperature 255°C Max.
Duration of Solder Immersion 5 sec. Max.
Bounce 5m sec. Max
Stem Strength 5Kgf.
Weight About 1.8g

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