This is a single touch dimmer switch chip uses a unique touch capacitive sensing algorithm, widely used in the panel for touch control products. Using touch-tone exterior design, with backlight indication that is very easy to find it in dark , integrated design, small size, easy丨nstallation and for a variety of panel installation. such as metal, wood, ceramic, etc
Method of application Product parameter:
  • To drill the corresponding hole on the panel and put then touch switch into the hole to bring gongs cap is tightened and connected to the load power supply, can be used after power
  • Working power voltage:6-24VDC
  • Load current: 0-7 A
  • Environment Temperature:-20°C-+70°
Product feature Product Function
  • Power-On Reset
  • Low voltage Reset
  • Use low power consumption CMOS Technology
  • Wide supply voltage range : power input end supply 6-24V,low power products, work stably
  • Resist-conduction、Great radiated interference characteristics, close range, multi-angle phone and interphone do not affect the sensitivity and reliability of product
  • Product size: 16mm, 19mm, 22mm, 25mm
  • Product material : Stainless steel, Nickel plated brass
  • Panel shape A: concave B: Flat
  • Connection wat: J:Connector X:wiring
  • Wire length: 10cm 15cm 20cm
  • Operation type: T Stepless adjusted丶
    F Step adjusted、Z Latching、 N Momentary